BOUNCE BACK CON TIEMPO: Love Your Postpartum Body First!

Few women truly realize what they’re in for when they have a baby. There’s that insane love you feel for this tiny little person tinged with just a hint of fear, wondering if you’re going to do everything right. And then, there’s your pre-baby wardrobe making you wonder if you’ll ever fit into it again.


I know because right after I got home with my firstborn, I couldn’t wait to trade up my maternity jeans for my favorite pair. There was just one problem…they wouldn’t make it past my thighs.


Meanwhile, I’d scroll through Instagram and celebrity news and feel like a total loser in comparison. Here were women that had babies that were thin and glamorous and I looked like a frumpy pig with a cloth of spit-up stuck on my shoulder.


Here’s the thing though. These unrealistic images need to stop. For one, much of what we see in social media is spun toward the optimistic. We’re not seeing the 10 layers of Spanx underneath that dress. We’re also not seeing the timeline. It’s easy for the media to tell the story they want to create by using strategic photos.


Instead of doing that though, wouldn’t it be wonderful if people started to encourage us after we have these sweet little babies? The entire process of going through pregnancy, delivering, and then raising a baby is exhausting in and of itself. We don’t need people giving us the stink-eye because we still look pregnant weeks and even months after giving birth.


Why are we in such a rush to “bounce back” anyway? Our goal should be to be as healthy as possible to be the best moms we can be. We’ll get back into those pre-pregnancy jeans in time. Right now, what we all need to do is live in the moment, enjoying those first milestones of our babies. We should be practicing self-care both mentally and physically, not struggling to shove ourselves into jeans that fit us before this life change.


So many people have said that it takes all those months for your body to change during your pregnancy. Because of this, it should take at least that long for your body to heal. Sometimes, it takes longer. And you know what? That’s ok. It truly is.


Free yourself from the notion that you MUST fit into a size 2 or 4. In fact, stop thinking about sizes altogether. Instead, focus on helping your body heal. Nourishing foods, plenty of rest (you know, in those fleeting moments you can get it), being active, and taking care of your mind. These things are what will help you to be your best mom-self.


Because you know what? That little baby you just grew inside of you doesn’t care what you wear. She doesn’t care that you’re sitting around in pants with elastic waistbands. All she cares about is that you’re there, holding her in your arms. And that feeling right there is way better than your pre-pregnancy clothes. 


Give it time. You’ll get there. For now, cherish these moments because that baby will grow up in the blink of an eye. She won’t remember anything you wore. She’ll remember your scent, your smile, and most of all, your love.


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