6 Native American Owned Brands To Support This Indigenous Peoples' Day

 by: Erika Hernandez


In celebration of this year’s Indigenous Peoples' Day, here are 6 brands, owned by Native women in North America who deserve first right access to your wallet.

Let's celebrate and preserve the creativity, history, and culture of indigenous people. 


1. B. YellowTail

B. Yellowtail is a Native American owned fashion & accessories brand that specializes in storytelling through wearable art. Their clothing is designed by Northern Cheyenne & Crow fashion designer Bethany Yellowtail. Their #byellowtailcollective jewelry and accessories are 100% handmade by a collective of Native American, First Nation, and Indigenous creators whom hail from Tribal Nations throughout North America.


2. Mother Earth Essentials

Canadian indigenous-owned company, Mother Earth Essentials creates luxurious bath & beauty products from natural ingredients and traditional recipes.

Their company was founded by Carrie Armstrong who comes from a long line of Cree Medicine women. She is passionate about sharing her Indigenous culture and the spiritual properties handed down to her from elders and medicine people. 


3. Prados Beauty

Prados Beauty creator, Cece Meadows, launched Prados Beauty in 2019; and after less than 2 months, their Instagram-worthy brush sets and luxury mink lashes are already receiving rave reviews.


4. Rebelina 

Rebelina is a highly rated Etsy shop by Candace Bell. Candace's beadwork adds character to all the classic shapes, and she does only one of each design unless a custom repeat is requested.


5. Kokom Scrunchies

Nine-year-old entrepreneur Mya Beaudry drops a limited edition scrunchie every Sunday. She kicked off her business in 2019 with a plan to do something nice for her pow wow community.

Mya names each scrunchie after a role model or someone special in her life, and they are the perfect accessory to brighten your day.



TPMOCS was founded on the principle that everyone deserves an opportunity to succeed, and sales of their moccasins help create economic opportunities for Native American communities in need. Their adorable baby moccasins are proudly Native Made and are handcrafted to order, making them an impactful and meaningful gift for the little one in your life. Plus, by purchasing Native-Made products, you are helping to preserve traditional craftsmanship that is vital to cultural identity.

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