5 Reinas That Will Motivate and Inspire You During Women’s History Month

by Ana Feliciano


The future is female, and Latinas are making their way to the forefront. As we continue to branch out from the typical stereotypes we have assumed for years many are becoming influential for many people.

We’ve rounded up 5 Reinas on Instagram - based on fashion, career, fitness, mental health, and lifestyle - who are creating empowering content for all us to enjoy and learn.

Let’s dive in!!!


@Balicabrera - Fitness

This inspiring Boricua will make you want to be your best self! She is a personal trainer who coaches her followers through an at home workout program and also tells the story of how she has battled against an autoimmune disease with the help of health and fitness. Her scenic workouts in Puerto Rico will allow you to live vicariously through this pandemic, while also making you want to move! Follow her for some workout inspo!


@Nurysmarcel - Career

Do you follow @nurymarcel? If you don’t, go follow her, now! She has such an incredibly authentic personality, showcasing all aspects of her life, from home decor, relationship advice, fashion, beauty, but most of all, career! This Dominicana is a self-made success story (check out her YouTube channel where she tells you all about how she went from growing up in Paterson, NJ to becoming a successful Real Estate Investor!) She is not only fly, she is a powerhouse career woman, too!


@byerikabatista - Lifestyle


Style and grace while being a mom of three is not easy, but this Latina sure makes it look that way! Erika shares many empowering messages throughout her page about being a Latina wife and mom. You will get absolutely everything from her page - a little politics, fashion, cooking, décor, and lots of sassiness. She is very opinionated, but most of all, she is inspiring (and did we mention her TikTok’s are amazing! Lol) Go follow her!  


@drvicrodriguez - Mental Health

Who isn’t concerned about their mental health right now? With the pandemic, it feels like many of us have looked within to make sure that we are paying attention to how we feel about this new normal. Dr. Victoria Rodriguez is a psychotherapist that shares amazing tips and tricks on how to battle negative thoughts, anxiety, and all of the worries that can creep in on our day to day lives. Not only is she a doctor, but she is also a business strategist and a running coach! Talk about an all around boss lady! 


@Michelle.Madonna - Fashion


New York is the fashion capital of the world, and this Latina definitely shows us why! Her effortlessly chic style for daywear, nightwear, and everything in between gives us outfit ideas for looking cute no matter what. This dog mama also features lots of travel, helping us come up with loads of places we want to go to once quarantine is over!


Which one of these Latinas do you follow? Which one of them will you start following? Are there any other Latinas that inspire you that we should feature? Let us know!


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