As a pampering present to myself I got eyelash extensions! Once my first set were up (or off), I quickly got a refill, and it became a part of my beauty repertoire. I was quickly hooked! Here are some of the reasons why I loved my lash extensions, but now, I’m asking for a little bit of a break…


All Day Glamour 

No matter what, when you have eyelash extensions, your eyes look fabulous! You wake up, do groceries, go to the gym, pick up the kids, and your lashes look amazing. It’s one less step while you’re applying makeup and who doesn’t want a quicker makeup routine? 

CON – For those days when you want a more laid back look, having longer lashes doesn’t work. Sometimes, you really do want the no makeup look. 


No Running 

With eyelash extensions, you do not need to worry about your mascara running. Waterproof is not an issue in this case because your lashes will look wonderful wet and dry! 

CON – If and when you do get them wet, it is difficult to rub your eyes without having some of them fall out. 

Save Money

You don’t have to buy mascara! Mascara is expensive, especially if you are trying to achieve the falsie look. Whether you buy drugstore or department store, beauty products of all kinds are expensive. Having lashes on make your eyes look luxurious with little to no make up. 

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  1. It’s great to know about eyelash extensions. My wife has been wanting them forever, so she’ll want to read this. It’s pretty great that getting them can save money on buying makeup. We could definitely use that.


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