Coming Together – Latinas Unite Event in NYC


A room full of beautiful Latinas giving each other advice? We knew it was going to be a good afternoon at Mott Haven Bar and Grill, a trendy, Latina owned, establishment in New York City that hosted the Latinas Unite NY event. The delicious food and mimosas were flowing as we mixed and mingled before the amazing panelists shared their success stories, thanks to Carlina Mercado, New York City based Celebrity Make Up Artist and Founder of Latinas Unite NY.

Here are three things we took away with us from all the amazing women in the room, all of which any Latina, in any profession, anywhere can relate to:

Networking is Important

Women empowering women!

Many people post it as a meme on their feed, but putting it into practice will actually make the difference! One of the best parts of Latinas Unite NY, was that Carlina made sure that everyone met, interacted, or exchanged information with at least ONE Latina they did not know before the event and that you sit next to someone that you do not know (great networking advice)! Everyone who attended went away with new connections, business cards, and collaborations in progress!

Use Your Time Wisely

There are only 24 hours in a day. But for a woman who plans their day and week out, those 24 hours will feel like more, or at least they will feel more productive. Having help, whether it be through a planner, an app, or an actual assistant/intern, was one of the things that all of the panelists attributed to their success. Managing sleep, having a strong support system, and making self-care a priority were some of the other factors that helped everyone maximize their time.

Be patient

Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither was Beyonce.

Anyone or anything that is, or has been successful, did not come to it overnight. It took time and dedication, and most definitely patience. One thing that kept coming up throughout the event was the idea of persistence and resilience in following your dreams. It sounds like something you’ve heard over and over again, but it is worthy of repetition because many of us forget – consistence and persistence are key!

It was a beautiful and empowering event where many successful Latinas came together to help each other succeed and grow!



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