Many Latinas can relate to being discouraged if not completely forbidden from wearing makeup at an early age. Stemming from deep ethnic influences, it is common for older generations of Latinas to pass on modest perspectives on physical appearance to their children. But with old school approaches towards parenting losing popularity, many are starting to question cultural norms surrounding young women and the use of beauty products. This leaves parents and onlookers alike asking just how young is too young to pick up a blending brush? And how old is old enough?

Coming from the glory days of Lips Smacker and dollar store “play” makeup, seeing future women giving current women a run for their money in the beauty department might seem unsettling, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Using their faces as canvases and the power of social media, a new generation of Latinas are pushing traditional boundaries by using top-shelf cosmetics to express themselves. Beauty vloggers from all walks of life are taking over timelines with looks that range from soft and natural to dramatic and awe-inspiring.

And while those with more conservative viewpoints might only see the possible negative effects of children consuming this kind of media, there seems to be more than meets the eye when it comes to this trend.

In recent years, makeup has shifted from being a milestone of womanhood to an art form for all. Some even go as far as to say that makeup can be a means of empowerment and inspiration. Considering this, where does that leave young Latinas who want to experiment with their looks while remaining true to their maturity? Motives for wearing makeup could provide some insight into whether girls should use tools and tricks like concealer and contouring to play up their looks. Understanding why a young girl would want to start using makeup might hold the answer to whether they are ready to explore a new side to their creativity or hold off until they are ready to use these products responsibly.




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