Become an Ambassador


We’re so excited that you are interested in possibly becoming a Latina Made Not Maid™ brand ambassador! With your help, we will spread the word that Latinas are SO MUCH MORE than what a search engine says! Together, we will tell the narratives of our culture to the next generation and empower all Latinas to show off their pride.

Ideal candidates should have a strong social media presence on Instagram as well as other platforms. They should demonstrate quality photography representing themselves, other people, and still life across all platforms . The above should be tied with honest, authentic writing, and/or the occasional use of video. Remember, we want to change the conversation, think about what being Latina Made means to you: culture, tradition, pride, and your success. We’re not looking for superstar status, just genuine, well thought out posts demonstrating real connections.

Please fill out the form below with as much info as you can. Once we get your application we’ll take a week or so to look it over and let you know if you’re a good match at this time.