My hopes for this project are simple. That when someone searches for the word Latina Made they do not get the current results. That’s one of the goals, and the other is to see the face of the first Latina who gets a scholarship from our movement.
Ever since I was an undergrad I felt strongly about representing Latinas. I joined a Latina sorority, I was involved with the Latino organization on campus, I even worked at the Latino Institute on my campus as a work study. So to have something like this come to life and have so many amazing women behind it, is extremely exciting.
When my friend Erika called me with this idea, (like she usually has for the past 20 some odd years), I told her, Let’s do it! I’m in. She told me to search for the words Latina Made online and that I wouldn’t believe what I saw. And she was right. We started talking about this project and got so giddy about it, it took on a life of it’s own. In my eyes, Erika is a creativity queen! And she is so, SO good at seeing the big picture. And she says that I’m “great at connecting the dots” which I guess makes us a great team.

So this movement is one about hope. We are hoping to change perceptions, to change people’s ideas of Latinas, and what we have been saying a lot of lately, we are hoping to change the conversation.

Please join us! The easiest way is to use the hashtag #LatinaMadeNotMaid to show off your accomplishments, big and small. Graduations, your workplace, day to day contributions, and/or community service. Show us how amazing, beautiful, classy, and hard working all Latinas are, and let’s show everyone the definition of Latina Made.


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